Our Story

Hi, welcome. I’m Keren. I am a mother of three, a parents counselor, a workshop facilitator and a blogger. I have an MA in Education from Bar Ilan University, Israel.

When my daughter was reaching her early teen years and nearing her Bat-Mitzvah, she was standing at the threshold of a critical point in her development, and our mother-daughter connection began to change. During this period I watched as my beloved child was changing in front of my eyes, becoming independent and beginning to develop her own separate identity. I wasn’t planning to be a bystander in her adolescent journey.  It was important for me to be involved in her life, to be there for her during these complex confusing times and to support her. This time in her life turned out to be an opportunity to strengthen our bond.

Our program was born out of these aspirations. My team and I have created versatile workshops with the sole intent to give us, the mothers and daughters, time to be together so that we can experience, create, listen, and become closer to one another.

My daughter participated in my very first workshop. When it ended, my purpose and calling became clear: my own private journey was the beginning of a broader and wider one which would bring many other mothers and daughters together.

Our Mission is to Help You:

  • Keep a strong, close, and loving bond with your daughter, especially when it may become increasingly challenging to reach out to her.  
  • Take a meaningful part and be involved in your daughter’s life while encouraging  her independence.
  • Raise an empowered young woman who believes in herself and loves who she is.

What We Do:

Mothers and Daughters Workshop invites you to a mutual journey in which you will deepen and strengthen your connection. Alongside your bonding experience, we will equip you with a broader understanding of the characteristics of early teenage years and the effects they have on your relationship. You will acquire practical tools for productive communication that will help you navigate your day-to-day challenges. 

We focus on hands-on experiences and direct communication. Our activities are interactive; we get our mothers and daughters talking, moving, playing and creating.

Our Plan:

Make the “new normal” normal. You may have had exciting plans for this year, but unfortunately you’ve had to adapt to a “new normal” of home life and social distancing. We offer you new, interactive and fun ways to connect and strengthen your relationship. Our online program is based on the rich experience we acquired throughout many years of working with thousands of mothers and daughters in our varied programs.  

Reconnect with friends you haven't been able to see for a while through a virtual experience specifically crafted to facilitate meaningful communication. Bond with mothers and daughters from different cities, and even different countries!

How Does it Work:

We will host a group of mothers and daughters from your circle of friends via online video-conferencing. Each mother-daughter pair will join the group from the comfort and safety of their home. The workshop consists of four sessions over a period of a few weeks.  Each session is an hour and a half long.

שירה פלג



Shira is certified by the acclaimed Om Yoga Center in NYC and is a graduate of Sandciel Dance and Circus Arts School. She is an accomplished yoga, movement and acrobalance teacher with a strong background in dance, improvisation and performance art. Throughout the past seven years, Shira has specialized in working with mothers and daughters through partner work and collaboration.

קרן ארסט- סדנת אמהות ובנות



Keren holds an MA in Education and Child Development and is certified by the Israeli Board of Education as a Parental Guidant. As a workshop leader, Keren specializes in the relationship between teenagers and their parents. In the past eight years Keren has worked in a vast range of settings and organizations, from schools to city-held projects, including thousands of mothers and daughters from across Israel. Her goal is to keep helping them nourish a strong bond throughout the challenging teen years.

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