Bat-Mitzvah Workshop – Online

A Bat-Mitzvah is a traditional Jewish ceremony of transition which symbolizes a young girl’s entrance into adulthood. As part of her progression, she begins to take more responsibility for her own actions, gain independence, and establish her unique identity. Through her self-discovery, she also may begin to explore her connection with the Jewish world.

In our Bat-Mitzvah workshop, we will explore how your Jewish values can take meaning in your daily lives while embracing the changes affecting both of you.  

We believe that the Bat-Mitzvah year holds a special opportunity for you and your daughter to open new channels of communication and get closer to one another. This will empower both of you to not only survive adolescence, but to thrive. 

How We Do It:

We will host a group of mothers and daughters from your circle of friends via online video-conferencing. Each mother-daughter pair will join the group from the comfort and safety of their home. The workshop consists of four sessions over a period of a few weeks. 

Each session is an hour and a half long.

1. Positive Communication- The Affirming Look

Through mutual and group exercises, you will get an opportunity to see yourself and each other in a refreshing perspective. 

2. Acroyoga Workshop – Trust and Playfulness

An exciting fun yoga practice with a twist that allows you to experience your relationship through physical partner work.

3. Photography Workshop – The Visual Mode 

We will use the camera as a tool to express, connect and communicate through images.

4. Design Workshop – Creative Collaboration 

Have you ever asked yourself what you have in common? What makes your connection unique? Guided by questions like these, you will take part in a creative process that will culminate in a personal design project.

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